My dad, my idol

Pops and Caz at the Amarvati Buddhist Retreat circa 2010. So much admiration and respect for Pops. He loved role playing the meditative apprentice monk while here, an amused contemplative expression on his face as he did walking meditation around the quadrangle, his white stick gently tapping. For the next decade he listened avidly to the readings of Ajahn Chah, Eckhart Tolle and our mutual favourite: Jack Kornfield’s The Roots of Buddhist Psychology, amongst others. In his last year, by my experience and communications with Pops, he embodied a simple and humble acceptance of his life journey. He displayed a lack of ego and non-attachment and spoke of the ‘suchness of life’ with quiet, quizzical amusement. I like to believe that in the last, he was able to surrender without fear.